Housekeeping Safety

Attention to general cleanliness, storage and housekeeping can prevent numerous accidents. Specific housekeeping requirements and good housekeeping efforts are a part of the company fire prevention and accident prevention program. All Employees share the responsibility for maintaining good housekeeping practice and following the established housekeeping procedures.
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  Written Housekeeping Program
  Safety Brief - Housekeeping
A cluttered workspace can restrict movement in the plant and increase the likelihood of slips and falls. Chances are that when somebody slips on something, it is something that shouldn't be there.
In a recent year over 400,000 reported injuries were the result of poor housekeeping causing slips and falls, and 35 percent of all lost workdays were caused by injuries due to slips and falls. A cluttered workspace can also be a firetrap. Poor housekeeping creates more places for fires to start and provide fuel for fires to feed on. In fact, many industrial fires are the direct result of accumulations of oil soaked, and paint saturated clothing and rags. If there is a fire, clutter can prevent a quick and safe exit and restrict access by fire extinguishing equipment.
Clutter on the job is not only dangerous, it is counter-productive. Quality on the job is hard to maintain when the workspace is crowded and messy.  Housekeeping clutter can grow like vines, but it can only grow where it's allowed to grow. When last week's clutter is still in our midst to be stumbled over or pushed aside, the system has broken down. A clean work place should be a common concern for all, but it must be established as such. Identifying common concerns help promote cooperation.
Nobody said housekeeping safety is fun, but it's part of the job and if you let it accumulate then you've got to get out the machete and that is a chore. Teamwork is the key to a clean work area and housekeeping-safety. Everyone must do his part and realize that housekeeping is a shared responsibility. Remember that good housekeeping reduces accidents, improves morale and increases efficiency. Most people appreciate a clean and orderly work place where they can accomplish their tasks without interference or interruption.

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