​Get More Clients & Opportunities for an Extra Reoccurring Revenue Stream

Exposure To More Than ​30,000+ people per month looking for help with safety.

Optional opportunity to resell the Safety Library to other companies for ​50% reoccurring commission.
Some of our insurance and comp fund clients pay up $30k-$50k per year for our Library.

**Limited slots available** 
We are only going to allow a few consultants for each state.

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​What is SafetyInfo.com?

​We offer simplified safety information resources, programs, and training systems for safety professionals and consultants.  Our resources are pre-made templates created by our safety experts, so nearly 95% of the work is already done for our clients that are looking for safety help.  Our company is made up of safety consultants and managers with more than 30 years of experience that are passionate about making safety easier and more efficient for all safety professionals. We have been in business since 1996.

How Does It Work?

As a Safety Consultant using and reselling SafetyInfo, we will set up your own branded Safety Library with a custom website url of your choice.

​Free Consultant Search Listing

​We actively have people coming to our website looking for safety help.  ​Sometimes, we receive request from companies searching for local safety training and ask us if we know anyone in their area.  So if you are a Safety Consultant close to the person requesting on site safety training, we will refer you to that company.  

The "Search for a Safety Consultant" will be available on all of our Guest (as show in the image above) and​ the left menu ​inside the Members Safety Library.

Our Guest Library gets nearly 30,000 visits per month and continues to grow.

Who are we looking for?

​We are looking for Safety Consultants that want to grow their own business and at the same time ​want the opportunity to resell the SafetyInfo Safety Library to insurance companies , comp funds, and to other businesses needing safety help.

One of our Safety Consultants has brought in more than 100k per year  for landing just a few private label clients.

​Free demo you can give to potential leads

​We will give you a special code that will allow you to use demo.safetylibrary.net so you can let some potential ​leads try out the Safety Library for free for 7 days.

We take care of all the technical work

Our team of website experts will answer any technical questions you or any of your clients may have.
All sites are backed up twice daily, with extra layers of security.
We are happy to walk you through anything you need, from setting up the LMS, using the Safety Manager Software, or using the Safety Library.  We also have video and written tutorials that provide step by step instructions on using all these services we offer.

Tailor the Safety Library to the industries you serve

​We can add additional specific categories​ to your custom branded Safety Library.  We can also add any materials you already use.

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**Limited Slots Available**

​We will set you up with a free account so you can explore all of our files, Safety Manager software, and LMS Training System in order to see if it is a fit for you.


Q: ​ What if I am only interested in using the SafetyInfo Safety Library?
A:  ​You can do that, call us for pricing and more details if you only want to use the ​Library.
Note: If you chose this option you will not get a customizable site ​or have the opportunity for Free Leads.