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How Does It Work?

Step 1.

Visitors come to the Guest Section looking for help with specific safety topics through search indexes such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

As they scroll  down looking at our links and content, they will see the "Search for a Safety Consultant" ad in the right column as shown below.

This ad will be displayed on every section of the Guest Library.

Step 2.

When someone clicks the "Search for a Safety Consultant," they go to the page shown in the image below.

The Icons on the map represents each territory for every Safety Consultant we list.

Step 3.

When a visitor clicks one of the colored icons, a short profile about the Safety Consultant appears,

Step 4.

When the blue More button is clicked, the full profile page with the Consultant's contact information and additional information appears. (Example below)

The visitor now finds a Safety Consultant close to their local area to call/visit website listed to help them with their safety needs.

**Limited Listings Available**

*We will link the listings in the Members and Private Label Libraries as well.

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