"Simply the best safety value on the internet" 
R. Ilaw, OSHA Regional Training Director - Retired

Over 9000 pages of materials
Includes all materials inside the safety library
Everything in the topic index and library index

Safety Training LMS
Use all the materials in the Safety Library to train your employees with.
Over 9000+ pages of safety materials to chose from.
Also use our courses, videos, and quizzes to train with

Safety Manager Software
23 Module Software - Manage, Track, Schedule & OSHA Log

​Materials Customizable
All of our materials are in a .docx (Word) .mp4 (Video) .ppt (PowerPoint)  .accdb (Access) file format
You can add your logo to the top of the file or edit any of the content within the document
Using Microsoft Office is highly recommended for best results.

​Unlimited Updates
Lock in the price when you first join. We will never go up on your price as long as you stay as a subscribed member
to SafetyInfo. As we update the website with new features we generally will increase the price. This is our thanks
to everyone that stays a loyal customer to SafetyInfo.

What is the value of a SafetyInfo.com Safety Library Membership?

53 Training Courses with Questions & Certificates @ $100.00 each= $5,300
32 Bonus Training Videos @ $50.00 each = $1,600
153 Powerpoints @ $50.00 each = $7,650
179 Written Programs @35.00 = $6,265
203 Safety Talks @ 35.00 =  $7,105
131 Handouts @ 35.00 = $4,585
388 Fact Sheets @ 25.00 = $9.700
103 Supervisor Briefs @ 35.00 = $3,605
52 Management Briefs @ 35.00 = $1820
50 Program Development @ 35.00 = $1,750
44 Audits @ $25.00 = $1,100
96 Checklists @ $24.00 = $2,304
151 Forms @ $25.00 = $3,775
71 Inspections @ $25.00 = $1,775

​Also Includes: OSHA 300 Record Keeping Forms, Crossword Puzzles, Accident Reports, Outlines, Pamphlets, Sessions, Case Histories, Posters Comic Strips, Session, Reminder/Overheads, Guides and much more around $35,000.

Total value of  $96,334.00 worth of materials and training alone

​We do not accept sales from the state of Wisconsin.

For only $195.00/year
per physical location

​Have more than one physical location or need more than one person to manage the Safety Training LMS?

Call: 256-677-3430 for multiple license discounts.

Note : You must have a full subscription license to the SafetyInfo Safety Library in order to use any materials on this website for commercial or personal use.   Any use outside of your organization, for resell, or without an active membership is strictly prohibited and may result in prosecution under copyright infringement laws.  Please contact us first for permission if you wish to resell our materials.  Each subscription grants 1 license per physical location. ​ We offer discounting prices for multiple locations​. Call 256-677-3430 for more details.

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