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Safety Library Section Descriptions
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Written Safety Programs

A collection of safety manual chapters you can use to assemble an effective safety program and company safety manual.  Each chapter covers purpose, policies, responsibilities, specific safety program rules and procedures as well as employee safety training requirements. Use this material to create a comprehensive company safety manual.

Ergonomic Program Material

This section contains extensive material for creating an ergonomics program for your company.  Employee ergonomics programs have been proven to be singularly effective in both reducing ergonomic injuries as well as lowering production costs.  This section includes ergonomic program, ergonomic checklist and tools for assessing ergonomic hazards.

Emergency Planning & Emergency Response

Emergency planning and preparations are essential for employee safety.  Use this emergency planning and management guide to develop in depth response plans.  This section includes a short safety video covering emergency planning, Incident Command System forms, Emergency Planning guide, emergency management white papers and much more.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

A complete Process Safety Management template plan to ensure you start your Process Safety Management program correctly.  Includes all the elements required by OSHA, as well as supporting forms, required process safety management documents and PSM case studies.

Driver & Fleet Vehicle Safety

The safety library has a large section for commercial fleet operations.  Driver safety and vehicle safety are essential for companies that deploy commercial vehicle fleets.  Included are two safety videos, a complete safety program, covering fleet safety, accident prevention and analysis worksheets.  Also included are an extensive list of forms and fleet & driver safety forms.  Other areas cover fleet maintenance, defensive driving and commercial fleet management.

Construction Safety

All the essential construction safety programs.  Includes OSHA compliance information for construction sites and construction companies.  Use the construction safety forms and documents to ensure complete safe construction operations are in place.  Construction safety videos include fall prevention, eye protections forklift safety videos and a safety video covering safe trenching.  Employee training for construction safety includes PowerPoint presentations, construction safety handouts.  Awareness for employee construction safety includes safety briefs and selected articles on construction safety.

Environmental Management

This section covers environmental management policies, procedure and EPA required environmental programs such as waste water, storm water management and environmental audits.  Other material covers oil spill and spill response and extensive EPA required environmental audits.

Safety Forms

An extensive collection of safety forms, checklists, safety inspection forms and safety audit guides. Documentation of safety events such as training, inspections is necessary for safety program evaluation.  Additionally, safety forms and documents provide detailed safety metric information.

Safety Training Material

Safety training handouts, outlines, pamphlets, safety PowerPoint and other material you can use to create an effective employee safety training program.  Include safety training material.

Safety References & Graphics

This section contains technical safety sheets, safety program development guides, job specific safety rules as well as a safety photo and clip art library and a collection of safety posters.