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Over 9000 pages  of materials made in advance so you can use them for your organization the first day you subscribe to SafetyInfo.  

Don't let Legal & OSHA have the upper hand.

 “ is the first go-to website for safety professionals and companies to use in establishing a solid safety program" -Mike McKenzie, Certified Safety & Health Manager (CSHM), McSafety Solutions™

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9,000 Page Safety Library

Including over 120 written Safety Programs you can use to create your own custom Safety Manual. The Library also hosts over 400 training documents for employees, supervisors and managers.

Safety Manager Software

Safety Manager Software free when you join with a Full Subscription. This $389 value makes all aspects of safety management. SEE IT HERE & Download the Demo

80+ Turnkey PowerPoint

Presentations: Easily educate and explain safety issues with confidence. Professionally designed safety topic presentations.

More than 400 Safety Forms, Checklists and Audit Guides

Protect your company from OSHA Audits and frivolous lawsuits with forms, checklists and guides that makes recordkeeping and managing employee safety a breeze.

Additional Resources Include:

OSHA & Safety Training Crosswords, Puzzles & Quizzes

Make safety training fun while you confirm employees understand safety procedures and protocols

Printable Posters, Fact Sheets, 1-Page Topic Overviews and Handouts

Immediately access and endless supply of OSHA & safety training reference material. Great for timely reminders to employees the importance of on-the-job safety. Or, send out a weekly or monthly safety topic overview by email in seconds using copy & paste.

Safety Talks, Presentation Handouts & More

Need to educate a group of employees on a safety topic? Don't sweat it! We've already written y our safety talk for you, along with supplementary handouts to ensure the message gets through.

Huge safety library of over 9000 pages of materials: