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How to Build a Safety Program, Using Forklift Compliance as an Example

The safety library is designed to provide a resource for you to use in developing, maintaining and improving your company safety programs. There are 4 areas you should cover for every safety program: management, training, recordkeeping and awareness.

The SafetyLibrary is a user friendly resource library, users once logged in should follow these easy simple instructions. Users that know what information or programs their looking for such as forklift training should visit the library topic index, for forklift compliance you will need a written program, employee training (PowerPoint) forklift written exam, forklift handouts, employee training record or sign in sheet to verify employee training. I use this example of forklift training because of the different programs needed to complete effective training.

1. Login to SafetyLibrary

2. Go to topic index

3. Click on topic E-F

4. Click on Forklift safety located at the bottom

5. Review all the topics available everything you need for training and compliance is located here.

6. Download training documents & PowerPoint training tools, customize to your company name, and add site specific information and you’re ready to train. Remember documentation is critical in safety training. 90% of the work is completed for you.

You can also use the library index to search for safety meeting tools or create fresh training ideas by using our training handouts, safety talks, PowerPoints, and much more.