Electrical Safety

Electricity, even at very low voltages, can be hazardous. Under the right conditions, a 30 volt circuit can carry enough current to cause severe injury or death. An electrical shock occurs when your body comes in contact with a live electrical source, such as open electrical boxes, bare wires or from equipment that is not properly grounded.

Electrical safety in today's modern and technological environment is extremely important. Everywhere you go, machines, computers, tools, household items, everything runs on electricity. If electricity is properly controlled, it's very useful, but if you don't treat it with respect and follow the rules, it's very dangerous.

Electrical shock injuries are less severe when the current does not pass through or near nerve centers or vital organs. The majority of electrical injuries in industry, the electrical current flows from hands to feet. Since such a path involves both the heart and the lungs and are usually very serious.

Another type of injury is burns from electrical flashes. These burns are usually very deep and are slow to heal and can involve large areas of the body. Even persons at a reasonable distance from the arc can receive eye burns.

Quite a few injuries result from falls from one level to another caused by the worker receiving a shock from defective or malfunctioning equipment. That's the down side of electricity, but learning how to properly use and handle electricity will help reduce the risks.

The first step is to never use damaged or defective electrical tools or equipment. Tools and equipment must be in good working condition, with proper safeguards installed and working properly. This means you must inspect your equipment before using it.

Inspect it for frayed, cracked or cut cables, loose fittings on plugs and if a ground prong is required on the plug, it must be functioning properly. Let's quickly explain what this ground prong does.

On normal 110 volt equipment, there are three wires inside the cable. One is the hot wire, one is neutral and one is ground. The hot and neutral move electricity along the cable to provide the energy from the source to the tool. The third wire, or ground is there in case of a short or malfunction. If this occurs, the electricity then goes to ground, which means the electricity is transferred to this ground wire back to earth or ground. If this ground wire is missing, the electricity could flow through your body.

If you're using a grounded type tool and the ground prong is missing, you have no electrical protection in case something happens.

Inspect your tools and equipment to make sure all the cables are in good condition and the ground prong is in place and not missing. Don't use damaged electrical cords, plugs or equipment until it's been replaced or repaired. Never try to repair electrical cords by wrapping electrical tape around the cord. Frayed, cut or damaged cords must be replaced or repaired by a trained and authorized electrician.

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Program Material

Programs (written)
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MS-WORD Electrical Safety Program Development
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MS-WORD Topic Construction Electrical Trade Safety

Forms & Documents

MS-WORD Electrical Safety Audit Guide
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Inspection Form
MS-WORD Electrical Training Certificate Form
MS-WORD Electrical Work Permit Form
MS-WORD Energized Electrical Work Permit Form
MS-WORD Electrical Construction Inspection Form
MS-WORD Electrical Inspection General Form
MS-WORD Extension Cord Safety

Training Material

Accident Reports
MS-WORD Arc Welder Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Battery Room Explosion Accident
MS-WORD Bench Tool Accident
MS-WORD Chain Link Fence Electrical
MS-WORD Cross Wired Conductor Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Dismantling Equipment Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Electric Induction Furnace Electrical Accident Report
MS-WORD Electric Shock Electrical Accident Report
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MS-WORD Fast Food Worker Electrical Accident Report
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MS-WORD Food Processing General Laborer Electrical Accident
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MS-WORD Helper Electrical Maintenance Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Lathe Operator Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Lighting Maintenance Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Lineman Fatality Electrical Accident
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MS-WORD Water And Power Tools Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Welder Metal Fabrication Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Welding And Water Electrical Accident
Crossword Puzzle
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Crossword Answer Key
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Crossword
MS-WORD Topic Construction Site Electrical Hazards Check Guide
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Training Handout
MS-WORD Electrical Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Training Handout
MS-WORD MIG Electrical Safety Training Handout
MS-WORD Electrical Hazards Management Safety Brief
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Training Outline
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Pamphlet Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Pamphlet
MS-PPT Arc Flash Injury Prevention PowerPoint
MS-PPT Battery Safety PowerPoint
MS-PPT Crane Contacts Power Lines Incident PowerPoint
MS-PPT Electrical 10 Hour
MS-PPT Electrical Construction 10 Hour
MS-PPT Electrical Measurement Safety PowerPoint
MS-PPT Electrical Safety PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Electrical Safety PowerPoint
MS-PPT Electrical Safety Qualified Employees PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Electrical Safety Qualified Employees PowerPoint
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MS-WORD Electrical Safety Quiz Answer Key
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Quiz
MS-WORD Electrical P Controls Reminder
MS-WORD Electrical P Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Electrical P Non Authorized Reminder
MS-WORD Electrical P Non Autorized Reminder
MS-WORD Electrical P PPE Reminder
MS-WORD Electrical P Practice Reminder
MS-WORD Office Electrical Reminder
MS-WORD Electrical Safety Session
MS-WORD 2 Minute Safety Brief Electrical Safety
MS-WORD 2brief Arc Flash
MS-WORD 2brief Elect
MS-WORD Electrical 02 Talk Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Talk Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Talk
MS-WORD Lightning Talk
MS-WORD Opps Elect Fire Talk
MS-WORD Opps Elect Safety Talk
MS-WORD Opps Gfi Talk
OnLine Arc Flash Hazards


MS-WORD Poster Equipment
Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Comic Archive Electrical Safety Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Elect Pwr Lines Safety Comic Strip Spanish
MS-WORD Elect Tools Safety Comic Strip Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Cord Safety Comic Strip Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Fire Safety Comic Strip Spanish
MS-WORD Electrical Ground Safety Comic Strip Spanish
MS-WORD Electricity Respect Safety Comic Strip Spanish



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