Machine & Equipment Safety

The Machine Guard Program is designed to protect Employees from hazards of moving machinery. All hazardous areas of a machine shall be guarded to prevent accidental "caught in" situations. References: General Requirements for all Machines (29 CFR 1910.212), Woodworking Machinery (29 CFR 1910.213), Abrasive Wheels (29 CFR 1910.215), Power Presses (29 CFR 1910.217), Power Transmission (29 CFR 1910.219).

It is crucial to understand why machine and equipment safe guards are to be used on machines. An operator or maintenance worker must be informed as to the location of the safe guards on the machines, and should also be provided information on why safe guards protect them and what hazards they protect them from.

An operator or maintenance worker also should be trained on how to remove machine and equipment safe guards from the machines and also to understand in what circumstances guards can be removed. Workers need to be trained in procedures to follow if they notice guards are damaged, missing or inadequate.

An operator or maintenance worker should be provided with a dress code. For example; no loose fitting clothing or jewelry. These items could easily be caught in the equipment or machines. From the simplest hand tool to the most complex machinery… operational safety hazards exist with any equipment.

Machine & Equipment Hazardss

Electrical Hazards – equipment that uses electricity as a power source is a potential electrocution hazard. Check power cords, switches and connections for exposed wires or broken parts.

Amputation & Caught-in Hazards – machine guards on equipment are installed to protect our employees from moving parts. Of course if they have been removed during maintenance or adjustment they will no longer provide protection. Check equipment every day to ensure that all guards are in place.

Chemical Hazards – processing equipment that uses chemicals can be sources of numerous hazards. Leaks can cause slip hazards as well as possible exposure to harmful chemicals. Hoses that leak could create a respiratory problem from vapors

Sharp Edges – simply walking past machinery may be hazardous if sharp edges are not guarded - check equipment mounting brackets, sign edges and control boxes to see if sharp edges are present.

Eye Hazards – tools and equipment that create chips, sparks or dust are potential eye hazards. These types of eye hazards are generally controlled by safety glasses, goggles and face shields. Check eye protection your workers use to make sure they are not broken, scratched and are the correct type for the hazard. As a minimum, anyone who uses hand or power tools should wear safety glasses.

PPE – personal protective equipment should be considered a secondary line of defense against equipment hazards. Employees need to know how to properly select, use and clean any PPE they use. PPE does wear out and has limitation on the level of protection against hazards – your workers should know these limitations.

Training – probably the most effective protection you can give your workers is good operational and safety training. A worker who knows how to recognize hazards can then use his or her training to control the situation and avoid exposure to unsafe conditions. If you expect your people to safely operate equipment, they must first be trained to understand the operating principles, equipment controls and possible hazards to themselves and others.

Maintenance workers need to be provided information on up-to-date machines that have been serviced, and they should maintain a record log of this information.

Maintenance workers must also know when to LOCK OUT the machines. This is extremely critical when repairs are being done on the machine. Maintenance workers should also be using safe equipment when doing repair work and they should insure the equipment itself is properly guarded. You are much more productive working safely and obeying safety rules. All we ask is for you to perform your job professionally and safely.

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Program Material

Programs (written)
MS-WORD Machine And Equipment Safety Program
MS-WORD Metalworking Fluids Best Practices Manual Safety Program
MS-WORD Personal Protective Equipment Safety Program
Program Development
MS-WORD Robotic Safety Program Development
Fact Sheets
MS-WORD 75 PPE OSHA Standards Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Boiler Operation Safety Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Chemical Cpc Evaluation
MS-WORD Compatibility Of Fall Protection Equipment Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Electrical Equipment Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Electrical Personal Protection Equipment PPE Safety Topic Fact Sheet Checks
MS-WORD Electrical Personal Protection Equipment PPE Safety Topic Fact Sheet Use
MS-WORD Eye Protection Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Eye Safety For Emergency Response And Disaster Recovery Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Foot Protection Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Hand Protection Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Hazard Communication Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Head Protection Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Hydroblast Hose Testing Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Machine Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Respirator Cleaning Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Respirator Fit Test Protocol Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Respirator Fit Test Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Respirator Selection Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Respirator Type Pros And Cons Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Thermoforming Machine And Operations Safety Topic Fact Sheet
MS-WORD Winterize Lawn Equipment

Forms & Documents

MS-WORD Personal Protection Equipment PPE Audit Guide
MS-WORD Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinders 1
MS-WORD Conveyors Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Eye And Face Protection Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Filter Respirators Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Hand Protection Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Head Protection Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Lockout Tagout Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Machine Safety Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD New Equipment Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Personal Protection Equipment PPE Evaluation Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Power Press Safety Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Respiratory Protection Supervisor Safety Checklist
MS-WORD Emergency Incident Forms Resource Status Card Heavy Equipment
MS-WORD Equipment Issue Log Ergonomics Form
MS-WORD Hazard Assessment Worksheet PPE Form
MS-WORD Job Hazard Analysis Assessment Worksheet For PPE Form
MS-WORD PPE Assessment Certification Form
MS-WORD Heavy Equipment Construction Inspection Form
MS-WORD Hoist And Auxiliary Equipment Inspection General Form
MS-WORD Machine Guard Safety
MS-WORD Machine Guarding Inspection General Form
MS-WORD Machine Safety Inspection General Form
MS-WORD Personal Protective Equipment Construction Inspection Form
MS-WORD Personal Protective Equipment PPE Inspection General Form
MS-WORD Piping System Identification Inspection General Form
MS-WORD Ventilation Inspection General Form

Training Material

Accident Reports
MS-WORD Dismantling Equipment Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Equipment Failure Accident Report
MS-WORD Hand Grinder Injury Accident
MS-WORD Machine Operator Motor Controller Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Meat Packing Power Cord Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Missing Ground Prong Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Nail Gun Accident
MS-WORD Plastic Molding Grinding Machine Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Plastics Mfg Machine Operator Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Portable Power Tool Accident
MS-WORD Textile Worker Carding Machine Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Warehouse Moving Equipment Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Welder Metal Fabrication Electrical Accident
MS-WORD Choosing Protective Clothing Safety Article
MS-WORD Eye Injury Prevention Safety Article
MS-WORD Glove For Vibration Hazards Safety Article
MS-WORD Keep Both Eyes On Safety Safety Article
MS-WORD Machine Guarding Safety Article
MS-WORD Mechanical Systems Hygiene Safety Article
MS-WORD Post Fall Arrest Resuce Safety Article
MS-WORD Protecting Your Hands Safety Article
MS-WORD Safe Floors Safety Article
MS-WORD Selecting Machine Guards Safety Article
Crossword Puzzle
MS-WORD Eye Crossword Answer Key
MS-WORD Eye Crossword
MS-WORD Management Amputation Prevention Guide
MS-WORD Portable Grinders Safely
MS-WORD Eye Protection Training Handout Korean
MS-WORD Eye Protection Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Eye Protection Training Handout
MS-WORD Fire Prevention Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Fire Prevention Training Handout
MS-WORD Hand Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Hand Training Handout
MS-WORD Hands Training Handout
MS-WORD Head Protection Training Handout Korean
MS-WORD Head Protection Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Head Protection Training Handout
MS-WORD Head Training Handout
MS-WORD Hearing Training Handout Korean
MS-WORD Hearing Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Hearing Training Handout
MS-WORD Heavy Equipment Backhoe Safety Handout
MS-WORD Heavy Equipment Safety Handout 1
MS-WORD Heavy Equipment Safety Handout
MS-WORD Heavy Equipment Skid Steer Handout
MS-WORD Machine Guarding
MS-WORD Pinch Point Safety
MS-WORD Pneumatic Nail Gun Safety
MS-WORD Respiratory Protection In Construction
MS-WORD Respiratory Training Handout Spanish
MS-WORD Respiratory Training Handout
MS-WORD Boiler Safety Management Safety Brief
MS-WORD Mechanical Power Press Safety Management Safety Brief
MS-WORD Machine Safety Training Outline
MS-WORD Personal Protective Equipment PPE Training Outline
MS-WORD Eye And Face Safety Pamphlet Spanish
MS-WORD Eye And Face Safety Pamphlet
MS-WORD Foot Hazards Pamphlet Spanish
MS-WORD Foot Hazards Pamphlet
MS-WORD Hand Protection Pamphlet Spanish
MS-WORD Hand Protection Pamphlet
MS-WORD Head Protection Pamphlet Spanish
MS-WORD Head Protection Pamphlet
MS-WORD Hearing Loss And Noise Pamphlet Spanish
MS-WORD Hearing Loss And Noise Pamphlet
MS-WORD Machine Guard Pamphlet
MS-WORD Machine Guards Protect You Pamphlet Spanish
MS-PPT Dust Mask Respirators PowerPoint
MS-PPT Excavations 10 Hour
MS-PPT Eye and Face Protection PowerPoint
MS-PPT Fall Arrest Equipment PowerPoint
MS-PPT Grinder Safety PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Grinder Safety PowerPoint
MS-PPT Half and Full Face Respirators PowerPoint
MS-PPT Hand Protection Training PowerPoint
MS-PPT Hard Hats Personal Protection Equipment PowerPoint
MS-PPT Machine Guarding 10 Hour
MS-PPT Machine Guarding PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Machine Guarding PowerPoint
MS-PPT Machine Guards Comprehensive PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Machine Guards Comprehensive PowerPoint
MS-PPT PPE 10 Hour
MS-PPT PPE Construction 10 Hour
MS-PPT Personal Protective Equipment PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Personal Protective Equipment PowerPoint
MS-PPT Power Tools 10 Hour
MS-PPT Respiratory Protection PowerPoint Spanish
MS-PPT Respiratory Protection PowerPoint
MS-PPT Supplied Air Respirators PowerPoint
MS-WORD Equipment Safety Quiz Answer Key
MS-WORD Equipment Safety Quiz
MS-WORD Eye Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Eye P Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Eye P Types Reminder
MS-WORD Eye P Use Reminder
MS-WORD Eye Types Reminder
MS-WORD Eye Use Reminder
MS-WORD Hand Controls Reminder
MS-WORD Hand Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Hand P Controls Reminder
MS-WORD Hand P Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Hand P Wash Reminder
MS-WORD Hand Wash Reminder
MS-WORD Head Controls Reminder
MS-WORD Head Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Head Inspecting Reminder
MS-WORD Head P Controls Reminder
MS-WORD Head P Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Head P Inspect Reminder
MS-WORD Head P Types Reminder
MS-WORD Head Types Reminder
MS-WORD Hearing Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Hearing P Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Hearing P Types Reminder
MS-WORD Hearing Types Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators 1 Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators Cleaning Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators Fit Check Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators Operations Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators P Cleaning Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators P Fitcheck Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators P Hazards Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators P Operations Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators P Pre Use Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators Pre Use Reminder
MS-WORD Respirators Precautions Reminder
MS-WORD Eye Safety Session
MS-WORD 2 Minute Safety Footwear Safety
MS-WORD 2 Minute Safety Machine Pinch Point Safety
MS-WORD 2brief Eye Safety
MS-WORD 2brief Glove Selection
MS-WORD 2brief Hand Protect Machine
MS-WORD 2brief PPE Sel 11 15 99
MS-WORD 3brief Equi Hazards
MS-WORD 3brief Housekeeping
MS-WORD 3brief Respirators Filter Basics
MS-WORD Opps Mach Guard Talk
MS-WORD Opps Mat Hand Order Talk
MS-WORD Opps Pallet Jack Talk
MS-WORD PPE Chem Clothing Talk
OnLine Eye Protection
OnLine Hearing Conservation Construction
OnLine Hearing Conservation
OnLine Lockout Tagout


MS-WORD Poster BBB Univeral
MS-WORD Poster Comp Gas Ton
MS-WORD Poster Conveyor
MS-WORD Poster Cord
MS-WORD Poster Cs Poster
MS-WORD Poster Equipment
MS-WORD Poster Eye Sharp
MS-WORD Poster Fall
MS-WORD Poster Filter Resp
MS-WORD Poster Guard
MS-WORD Poster Hand Hazards G
MS-WORD Poster Hand Safety
MS-WORD Poster Ladder
MS-WORD Poster Loto1
MS-WORD Poster Machinery
MS-WORD Poster PPE Daily
MS-WORD Poster PPE Space Suit
MS-WORD Poster PPE Ware 11 15 99
MS-WORD Poster Save Eyes
MS-WORD Poster Space PPE
MS-WORD Poster Stepladder
Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Comic Archive Hearing Protection Conservation Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Comic Archive PPE Eye Injury Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Comic Archive PPE Foot Safety Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Comic Archive Respirator Safety Comic Strip
MS-WORD Equipment Report Safety Comic Strip Spanish



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