Occupational Health

The following information is provided to assist you in establishing an in-house medical management and treatment program and should be reviewed by a qualified physician prior implementing at your facility.

Occupational Health Illness and Injury Prevention Plans will significantly reduce workplace or improve accident prevention efforts and prevent exposure to unhealthy workplace environmental conditions

Occupational Health & First Aid Management Program

General - Occupational health concerns receive high priority. It is essential that each location be able to adequately respond to first-aid events and resolve all other occupational health problems quickly. The health and wellness of each employee is a key segment of the overall safety environment.

OSHA Requirements

OSHA requirements for medical services and first aid are found in Standard Number 1910.151 and are listed below:
• Ensure the ready availability of medical personnel for advice and consultation on matters of plant health.
• In the absence of an infirmary, clinic, or hospital in near proximity to the workplace which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid.
• Where the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials, suitable facilities for quick drenching or flushing of the eyes and body shall be provided within the work area for immediate emergency use.



• Ensure there is a sufficient number of qualified first-aid providers
• Provide first aid training for all supervisors
• Offer first aid training for all employees
• Ensure first-aid and health programs are adequate
• Maintain all required records
• Ensure First-Aid supplies are always well stocked
• Conduct First Aid Training
• Administration of all medical management programs
• Administration of the Return to Work Program
• Maintain Employee Health/Medical Files
• Provide all necessary services in a courteous and professional manner
• Conduct Physical screenings
• Maintain all clinic areas clean, neat, and well stocked.
• Follow accepted medical practices and procedures.
• Adhere to all standards of the Bloodborne Pathogen Program


Treatment Records are permanent records and will be filled out for any of the following:
• All visits to the processing plant First-Aid Station w/ exception of visits for minor cuts, comfort care, etc.
• All accidents that result in any injury
• All Occupational Illnesses
• Prior to referral to any medical provider

Medical Appointment Log will be filled in when any appointment for medical treatment, evaluation, or other medical service is made for an employee.

Modified Duty Assignment forms shall be completed by {INSERT JOB TITLE} for any employee who has a condition that prevents them from conducting their normal duties. This form shall be used to notify management of the limitations of the employee. Management will assign tasks consistent with any limitations. Questions concerning the limitations are to be directed to {INSERT JOB TITLE}. {INSERT JOB TITLE} shall maintain a file for original forms. Copies shall be provided to the employee, the employee's Supervisor and Manager.

Confidentiality: Records of all first-aid and medical events shall be kept in each individual's medical file. All medical record information is confidential and shall not be released to third parties without written authorization by the employee involved or as authorized by law.

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Program Material

Programs (written)
 Aerosol Transmissible Disease Exposure Control Addendum   Download  MS-WORD
 Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Program   Download  MS-WORD
 Coronavirus OSHA3990 Guidance On Preparing Workplaces For COVID 19   Download  MS-WORD
 Employee Vaccination And Titer Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Ergonomics Back Injury Prevention For Health Care Workers   Download  MS-WORD
 Infection Control Cleaning and Disinfection Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Infection Control Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Infection Control Training Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Medical Management Safety Program   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health New Hire   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Standards   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Traning Requirements   Download  MS-WORD
 PPE for Infection Control Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Respiratory Protection Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Safety Incident Reporting Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Safety Inspection Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 Sharps Exposure Prevention Policy   Download  MS-WORD
 TB Exposure Prev Policy   Download  MS-WORD
Program Development
 Bloodborne Pathogen Bbp Program Development   Download  MS-WORD
 Heat Stress Management Program Development   Download  MS-WORD
Fact Sheets
 AED Safety Topic Fact Sheet   Download  MS-WORD
 Allergy Questions Safety Topic Fact Sheet   Download  MS-WORD
 Automatic External Defibrillators Safety Topic Fact Sheet   Download  MS-WORD
 Coronavirus Prevention   Download  MS-WORD
 Covid19 1910.501 Regs   Download  MS-WORD
 Frostbite Safety Topic Fact Sheet   Download  MS-WORD
 Latex Allergy Safety Topic Fact Sheet   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Anthrax Faq   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Anthrax   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Avianflu   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Botulism   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Hauntaviruses   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Hep A   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Hep B   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Hep C   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Legionnaires Disease   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Lyme   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Mold Fungus   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Rabies   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Sars   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Bio Agents Tuburculosis   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Brown Recluse   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Cotton Mouth Snake   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Fire Ants   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Flu Faq   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Hiv Postex Regimens   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Latex Allergies   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Lyme Disease   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Med Protocols   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Ab Injury   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Amputation   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Asthma   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Back   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Blister   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Burns   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Cardiac   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Chest Wall   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Chest   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Contusion   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Cuts   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Dematitis   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Diabetes   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Ear   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Electric   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Epilepsy Convulsions   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Eye Contusion   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Eye Injury   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Eye Perforating   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Eye Protruding   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Fainting   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Frostbite   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Gi   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Headache   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Nosebleed   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Shock   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Short Breath   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Splinters   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Sprain   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Protocols Proto Throat   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Resp Med Art   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Sars Faq   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Violence Prevention   Download  MS-WORD
 OSHA ETS Corona 19   Download  MS-WORD
 Smallpox And Vaccination OCC Health Safety Topic Fact Sheet   Download  MS-WORD
 sick with 2019 nCoV   Download  MS-WORD

Forms & Documents

 Backup of NOTICE MAX   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Alternate Duty Medical Release   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Hepatitis B Immunization   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Influenza Vaccination Record   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Medical Refferal And Work Release   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Modified Duty   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form New Hire Medical Exam Status   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Return To Duty   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Form Treatment Record   Download  MS-WORD
 OSHA Healthercare ETS Inspection Procedures   Download  MS-WORD

Training Material

 Shiftwork Syndrome Safety Article   Download  MS-WORD
 OSHA Finally Releases Guidance On Mitigating And Preventing COVID   Download  MS-WORD
 First Aid100   Download  MS-WORD
 Health Care Facilities and Workplace Violence Prevention   Download  MS-WORD
 Heat Cramps   Download  MS-WORD
 Heat Exhaustion   Download  MS-WORD
 Bloodborne Pathogens Management Safety Brief   Download  MS-WORD
 If you are cited for violations following an OSHA inspection   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Pandemic Guidelines   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Stress Management Primer   Download  MS-WORD
 OCC Health Womens Reproductive Hazards   Download  MS-WORD
 Safety in the Warehouse   Download  MS-WORD
 Violence prevention   Download  MS-WORD
 Your Safety Attitude Counts   Download  MS-WORD
 Bloodborne Pathogens 2   Download  MS-PPT
 Coronavirus 2020 by Rick Hunter   Download  MS-PPT
 Heat Related Injuries Illnesses 2   Download  MS-PPT
 Ionizing Radiation Safety PowerPoint   Download  MS-PPT
 Pandemic Flu PowerPoint   Download  MS-PPT
 Personal Protective Equipment 2   Download  MS-PPT
 Preventing Back Injuries 2   Download  MS-PPT
 SARS Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome PowerPoint Spanish   Download  MS-PPT
 SARS Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome PowerPoint   Download  MS-PPT
 Slips Trips and Falls Prevention 2   Download  MS-PPT
 Sprains and Strains 2   Download  MS-PPT
 Coronavirus Workplace Employee Safety Training by Rick Hunter   Download  OnLine
 Health Care Worker Safety   Download  OnLine



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