Safety Manager Software - Make your safety job easier.

Be more productive and save time. If you can fill-in a blank, you can effectively use Safety Manager

25 Modules - Track, Train, Plan, Task.  Submit reports to OSHA.

Customize to your workplace safety tracking

Safety Manager is built with Microsoft Access so you can fully customize the program and create custom reports

Network or Individual PC

Install on any Lap Top, PC or on your company network for multiple users.

25 Modules - Track, Train, Plan, Task

Everything from employee records and accident/incident reports to chemical safety and commercial vehicle safety requirements. Plan training and keep up with who needs what training with automatic reminders.

Safety Assessments & Permits

OSHA required PPE Assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Confined Space assessments & permits, Contactor permits, Hot Work permits, Process Safety permits, Lockout-Tagout & Respiratory Protection schedules and much more.

OSHA LOG - It's Automatic

AUTOMATICALLY creates your OSHA Log and Forms. When you make changes to accident reports, your OSHA Log and Forms are automatically updated.

Safety Reports - Print & Share

Safety Manager has 57 printable reports that allow you to keep supervisors and managers up-to-date on their employees and action item status. Using Microsoft Access you can customize these reports and create you own.


Information required for OSHA 301 and 300, other modules and reports. See employee data and training status at a glance.

Chemical Exposures

OSHA requires that all chemical exposure records be kept for 20 years. Safety Manager has this added module that goes beyond the normal required accident information.

Hot Work

Define the conditions necessary for Hot Work such as welding, grinding, brazing, cutting and any other type of Hot Work anywhere in your facility. Creates Job Specific Hot Work Permits.

What's Due

Never be surprised again. Use this automatic function to be notified of: Initial Training Needed -Refresher Training Coming up in next 30, 60 and 90 days -Overdue Refresher Training -Driver Dates for CDL Renewals next 30 and 60 days -Medical Certifications due in next 30 and 60 days -Lockout-Tagout reviews due in next 60 days

Equipment Safety

Analyze all aspects of equipment safety from pre-purchase decisions to final operational check. Allows you to select from over 40 separate requirements and check completion status of each.

Confined Spaces

Conduct assessments and create Entry Permits. Establishes entry conditions, PPE and equipment needed, and ventilation requirements. Calculates air flow required for air changes as well as required blower capacity.


Never be surprised again. Use this automatic function to be notified of: Initial Training Needed -Refresher Training Coming up in next 30, 60 and 90 days -Overdue Refresher Training -Driver Dates for CDL Renewals next 30 and 60 days -Medical Certifications due in next 30 and 60 days -Lockout-Tagout reviews due in next 60 days


Track Contractors and Vendor information. Includes information on Contacts, EMR, Safety Plans, Training, and creates Contractor Work Permits.


OSHA requires your company to have a Respirator Schedule if any employees use respiratory protection. Track respirator use by task. Pre-defined data allows you to quickly develop required information.


Track cause and cost of Non-Injury Accidents and Events, such as Equipment damage, Storm damage, Product loss, Vandalism, and Property damage.

Job Safety Analysis

Module guides you through creating JSAs. Includes pre-listed data for Job Environment, equipment and chemicals used, hazards, engineering and admin controls, PPE, physical demand, and calculates strain index.

PPE Assessments

Evaluate and record what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is needed for every job at every worksite.

Corrective Actions

Needed from accidents, incidents, audits, inspections, supervisor reports and any other source. Reports include Corrected and Uncorrected and show who is assigned to complete the actions.

Safety Training

Plan, schedule and track group and individual training at your facility and at other locations. Includes what material is needed for training and trainer notes.

Incident Rate Calculator

Calculate the OSHA 300A Incident Rate for OSHA required posting and reports

Industrial Hygiene

record survey results such as noise surveys, air and water samples

Chemical Data

Contains all the important information about chemicals at your facility, including Mfg Data, Physical State, classification, use, Flash Point, Health Hazards, Reactivity, Hazardous ingredients, Permissible Exposure Levels and more.

Safety Expense Tracker

Record and track your safety expenditure with this Digital Checkbook Register that calculates Total Cost, Tracks Payments, Shipping Cost and Purchase Orders. The Summary Report shows you a running total of all expenditures for each year.

Process Safety

OSHA REQUIRES that all maintenance on Process Safety Management covered areas be conducted by written procedure. This module makes it easy to create these procedures and create both Line-Break Permits and Critical Safety Device Permits

Chemical Labels

Create NFPA and HMIS chemical container labels

Vehicle Accidents

Information, analysis and reports on all accidents, including cost, other vehicles, D&A tests, and witnesses.


OSHA requires your company to have a Lockout-Tagout procedure for every piece of equipment your employees adjust or maintain. The module provides pre-selected data to make this process easy.

Safety Committee

Track Safety Committee actions from each meeting. Associated Reports include Completed and Uncompleted Actions.

Event Planner

Schedule and track "non-training" events, both on-site and away from your facility.

Custom Reports

57 Instant Print Reports. Share these reports in print or use the PDF/Word Conversion and Email Reports Tools

Commercial Drivers Report
Driver CDL Due Dates
Respirator Users
Initial Training Needed
Completed Training
Accident Reports - Full
Accident Summary
Accident Summary by Year
Accident COST Report
Accident COST Report by Year
OSHA 301 Report
OSHA 300 Log
Chemical Exposures
Chemical Exposure Summary
Vehicle Accident Report
Vehicle Accident Summary
Industrial Hygiene Surveys
Who Needs Initial Training
Safety Event Planner

Refresher Training Due
Incident Investigations
Incident Summary
Incidents by Year
Corrective Actions – Department
Corrective Actions - Summary
Uncompleted Actions
Chemical Data
Chemical Summary
Confined Space Assessments
Confined Space Summary
Confined Space Permits
Contractor Evaluations
Contractor Summary
Contractor Work Permits
Lockout-Tagout Procedures
Lockout Log
Lockout Review Dates
Training Event Planner

Employee Information
Employee Individual Training Rpt
Employees by Department
Equipment Safety Evaluations
Equipment Safety Summary
Hot Work Permits
Hot Work Log
Job Safety Analysis
JSA Summary
PSM Maintenance
PSM Maintenance Log
Critical Safety Devices
PSM Line Break Permit
Safety Expenses
Safety Budget Summary
Safety Committee Actions
Uncompleted Committee Actions
Completed Committee Actions